Thursday, August 08, 2013

Get Nathanael back on his feet

Dear bloggy friends, I do not usually solicit for causes, but this one is worthy.  It is for Nathanael, a best friend of a dear friend named Nora.  You can read the situation here:

About a week ago, a fire broke out in my friend Nathanael's apartment building, which quickly spread to the surrounding apartments and eventually grew to become a five-alarm fire. In the resulting blaze the top two stories of the building, including his apartment, were destroyed. He was in the apartment at the time and, alerted his neighbors, woke his roommate up, and escaped down the fire escape. Thankfully, everyone is okay and he managed to grab his emergency hard drive containing the majority of his important data, but virtually everything else, including notes, books, clothes, furniture and everything else he had, was almost certainly destroyed. 

If you are curious to hear more about it, here is a news link:

Nathanael is a graduate student and has been working diligently to finish his PhD, and although he is taking all this amazing well, he lost everything to the fire. He is able to stay with a friend for now and a few people have donated some clothes, but he's going to need a lot to really get him back on his feet. My goal is to raise enough funds to help him get going again. Even if each person only gives $5, if 100 people give that will go a long way. If you'd we willing to send $20 or $50 or even more, it will go even further. I know any amount you'd be willing to share will mean a lot to him.

Thank you!

Please do a mitzvah and consider supporting Nathanael as he tries to get back on his feet.

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