Saturday, August 17, 2013


I was just handed a strange utensil to eat snails. It looks more like an eyeball remover. A silver plate of six escargot cooked in garlic and butter just arrived. Bon Appétit!

oooh, that is yummy..

 And I just sent a snail shell flying. It is kind-of a culinary whack-a-mole.

Just a slow Saturday at my favorite Parisian cafe, Les Ondes (The Waves, but far more profound in French).  A place unlike Cheers where they don't know my name, but they greet me warmly all the same with a handshake.  A proper Parisian cafe with all the accouterments of a proper Parisian life: good espresso; cheap wine; good snails. A place that the porteños would say had buena onda.

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