Friday, August 16, 2013

Blood in the streets of Cairo

I am not offering any news on such matters.  But I have to agree with Peter Beinart in The Daily Beast that this is Obama's greatest failure:
Here, too, Obama’s attempt to find a middle path has produced the worst of all outcomes. As today’s events make gruesomely clear, our supposed leverage with the Egyptian military is a fiction. But we’ve also destroyed whatever limited influence we may have had with the Brotherhood. To anyone in the Muslim world who needed convincing, it now looks unmistakably clear that the United States favors democracy in the Middle East when, and only when, our side wins. If you’re an Islamist who has now watched the United States wink at coups against democratically elected Islamist governments in Algeria and Egypt, and sought to foment one among the Palestinians after Hamas’ democratic election in 2006, the message is clear: Elections are for chumps. Go get your AK-47.

and David Rhode in The Atlantic that fecklessness led to this massacre:

In Egypt, a false equivalence should not be drawn between the Egyptian army and the Muslim Brotherhood. Deposed president Mohammed Morsi was not inclusive and ran the government terribly, but he did not kill hundreds of demonstrators.
The White House deserves credit for dispatching Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns to Cairo to try to strike a compromise. Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) recently traveled to Egypt as well. Working with Europe and Arab diplomats, American officials warned Egypt's military ruler against a crackdown. So did Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Secretary of State John Kerry.
Yet the military carried out the crackdown anyway. My Reuters colleague Paul Taylor reported Wednesday that the Muslim Brotherhood had accepted an international plan to defuse the crisis but the Egyptian military rejected it. As Joshua Hersh of The New Yorker wrote from Cairo Wednesday, this is a"catastrophe of choice" by Egypt's generals.
It is one thing to be unable to control the police state re-emerging in Egypt. It is another to provide $1.3 billion in aid.

Cut the aid to Egypt immediately.  Not the half-hearted cancellation of military exercises.  Cancel the aid, and show a lil backbone in the face of a massacre that the generals carried out because they felt they could with impunity and remain with their $1.3 billion cake.  There must be repercussions for massacres. 


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