Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Where the streets have names

Paris, where the streets are named for poets and painters, writers and architects.  

Or names of beauty like Rue de Bellechasse, where I turn the Café Mucha into my virtual office.

In Jerusalem, the streets are named for the prophets.

In Portlandia, the Simpsons name the streets.

I walk this empty street on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
When the city sleeps
And I’m the only one and I walk alone.

I stood in the midday sun on the empty street, watching the summer breeze carry leaves softly on the winds until they lay still on the black pavement,

If I could use words
Like falling leaves
what a bonfire
my poems would make.

I thought of Taipei and how the winds played symphonies on the leaves of the camphor trees.

Sophie said that I had lived ten lives.  Probably true.  I just don't know if these ten lives have been in this lifetime.  

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John Brown said...

Paul, FYI, My francophile Father has a two-page poem, "Ballade of Paris Streets," that appeared in the Proteus Press publication, "Celebrations," (1990).