Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Planting roots

I purchased two things of significance today, a fan and a lavender plant.  A fan because my lil studio can often get a bit warm in the afternoon heat, and should do well to hold me over until the evening winds come.

The other is more significant and important in a different manner.

I made a decision to stay put in Paris another month.  After two weeks, I have fallen in love love love with this belle city, and I couldn't imagine leaving in another two.  Paris continues to be a font of ideas and imagination. When you find a place that is a well-spring of creativity, you would be a fool to leave.

So I am cutting Germany out of this sabbatical equation.  Weimer, Bonn, Heidelburg, Hamburg, forgive me.  I will visit another time.

I am staying put another month, because this instinct is rare to me.  I usually jump at the chance to be on the road.  But Paris is something special, and I don't dare leave her.

So back to my other purchase: I bought a lavender plant.  Something to signify that I will be here for another six weeks, not another two.

I usually slough off the possession of things temporary like plants and fish, although ma mère has done a fine job caring for a woven Chinese plant that I brought back from Houston years ago.

For once, I am putting roots down- albeit just another month.  Baby steps, perfumed in lavande.


Stacy said...

Your new found amour in the City of Love is mature mon cher. I feel the exact same way when I am there. Plants, addresses, keys and other reminders of a life lived, rather than a holiday are so important. One day, I will chuck all of this for the dream, but until then, keep my city safe and loved.

Paul Rockower said...

Merci Stacy! Oui, La Ville Lumiere is in safe and loving hands!