Sunday, July 14, 2013

Not one

I posted on twitter and FB: Not one jury member was African American. Not one.

A lovely twitter convo with a troll:

@Timslowww: There were no males on the jury either. Should we call the FBI?

Me: @Timslowww last time I checked "males" were not a historically oppressed and dispossessed class in the American landscape. Spare me ur snark

@Timslowww: @levantine18 I hope u get hit by an 18 wheeler in your Prius. And imma litter my honey bun rapper just to piss u off. 

 His account has since been suspended #douche.

PS: From Upworthy: If the guy who killed Trayvon Martin didn't really kill Trayvon Martin according to the law, who the fuck did? 

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