Tuesday, July 16, 2013

News, condensed

Be it that I don't exactly get a morning paper- although I was at Le Figaro this morning for a fascinating meeting on US PD to Africa, there are a number of news aggregaters that I subscribe to  that keep me well informed on the world.

One of the better news aggregation services I subscribe to is The Rundown from Radio Free Liberty/ Radio Europe.  It was previously run by Zachary Peterson, who did an excellent job running down the news.  It has recently been handed over to Glenn Kates, who is continuing the quality aggregation.  Worth a follow, and getting on their mailing list for the daily update.

Some of today's gems:

-Where the Streets Have No Names: Delivering Mail in Afghanistan

-Why Malala is not as revered in Pakistan, where it matters most.

-The Sochi Money Pit, and perhaps good reason for wondering why the Boston Marathon was not a false flag operation given its proximity to the North Caucuses (not my original idea, but compelling nonetheless)

Other good ones include Foreign Policy's newsletter, which had these gems (I think, I already deleted the letters)

-The Black Hat Brigades, or why Israel is at threat from the Jewish Taliban. For the record, I worked with Ami Pedazhur while with the Israeli Foreign Ministry, and found him rather engaging.

I think this was also from FP today: getting drunk in Antarctica.

A few good ones today from GlobalPost's What We Are Hearing:

-Black Flag over Red Flag: Chinese Punk bands

-Aussie kids invent their own language, gibberish anyone?

Of course, my personal PD Favs:

The always irreverent and interesting: publicdiplomacypressandblogreview.blogspot.com

-too many good articles to post, follow it yourself.

followed by a close second for USC's PDiN, which I once worked for.

All good ways of keeping updated!

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