Monday, July 29, 2013

My name is Pakistan

A fascinating article on Pakistani identity, and the subsuming of that historical subcontinental identity with that of an Arabic identity.

In pendulum shifts, I am curious if a broader focus on the Mughal past within Pakistani curriculum and culture could lead to a Neo-Mughal identity among Pakistanis. See under: neo-Ottomanism among Turkey today. And one of the biggest drivers of a re-connection to the Ottoman past, both for Turkey and the Arab World has been an Ottoman era soap opera.

I think one of Pakistan's fundamental problems is that it has such a scarred and fragile identity, and is always on the defensive about its image (I feel the same about Israel, maybe that is why I focus on the connections between both).  Pride matters, especially for social cohesion.  Perhaps a neo-Mughal historical and cultural campaign to give Pakistan a deeper sense of historical identity and pride could do a little (baby steps...) to shake the country out of its identity malaise.

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