Thursday, July 25, 2013

Musée Marmottan Monet

Monet.  Oh, Monet.

I made my way to the incredible Musée Marmottan Monet, about ten minutes walk from my studio.  There was an incredible and iconic collection of Callebotte (Rue de Paris. Temps de Pluie) and Renoir (Baigneuse asise surun rocher)

and Manet's haunting Portrait de Berthe Borisot

And gilded, winged ornamental beauties of clocks and candle holders from an age of Empire.  And glorious marble busts.

But oh, Monet, and the world you dream.  

Such colorful depth. Such exquisite beauty. On giant canvases.  Like...

Nympheas et Agaphanthes

Even if my words did glow, I couldn't describe that marvel.  That tiny pic I posted does no justice to the giant canvas of color.
Le Train Dans La Niege La Locomotive

And its utter grey beautiful bleakness.

Le Pont de L'Europe, Gare Saint-Lazare

The steam and smoke dream.

And the thought going through my head as I peered so close into the canvas:

How did he put such thick brush strokes on the canvas, and while being so close, know what it would look like from afar?

When you are so close, it is just colored texture, but from afar it is incredible impressions of beauty.

And of course I had a gauche French cultural diplomacy thought: France should totally do a Painter's Idol type reality show program. Gauche, I realize and very trite, but it could be a bit of acrylic fun and cultural diplomacy to find the next Top Impressionist in real, reality time.  Forgive me, Monet for such gauche cultural diplomacy thoughts...

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