Sunday, July 07, 2013

Le Vent Nous Portera

I listened to the wind bounce the sultry sounds of French off the glass and ferro-concrete storefronts of the Avenue Haussmann.  I always love to listen to the untranslated words of languages foreign to me, as the flow of humanity passes me by.

Le vent nous portera; the wind will carry us.

I enjoyed the sublime and ethereal pleasure of the wind tunnel that can be the Paris Metro.  On the Line 1 train specifically, which is a long, unending and unquartered car with the windows open to cool the journey.   I stood facing forward, eyes closed with my body relaxed- holding gently onto the cold handrails to subtly sway with flow of the twists and turns of the tunnels. Moving fast enough down the dark tunnel for the wind to flood the car and carry us.

El viento viene, el viento se va; the wind comes, the wind goes

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