Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Thank you is "bakka ber fyir" in Icelandic but we usually just say "Taak" 

In Iceland it it's customary to say thank you after each meal with the phrase "Taak fyir mig"

As written on the seat covers of the Icelandair plane.

I am in transit, flying Icelandic Air via Reykjavik to Paris. The flight was fine and a lil quirky with Icelandic touches.

"Every year 10 Icelandic bands are sent out to conquer the world" 

 Iceland Music Abroad?

I managed to finagle a free drink, as par for the course.

The national dish of Iceland is cured shark. Icelandic gastrodiplomacy?  To China, mayhaps?

And the hounds of heaven rise 
From their place by the fire 
They're chasing me down
 But it ain't my time 
-Della Mae, "Hounds"

I woke up to the otherworldly landscape of Iceland with that lovely song playing in my head. A real fav on the Dellas new album. Iceland looked like the dark side of the moon as we landed. And it was cold. It is July 2nd, and it was freezing. I will have to investigate this strange place another time.

Bí, bí og blaka,
álftirnar kvaka,
ég læt sem ég sofi,
en samt mun ég vaka.
Bíum bíum bamba,
börnin litlu ramba
fram um fjalla kamba
að leita sér lamba.

Bye bye and hushabye
Can you see the swans fly?
Now half asleep in bed I lie,
Awake with half an eye
Heyhow and welladay
Over hills and far away
That's where the little children stray
To find the lambs at play.
-Icelandic lullaby (on the pillow)

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