Saturday, July 13, 2013

City of Joy

I can’t quite say I am a loss for words, but I don’t think I could adequately describe my love of Paris.  I fit in perfectly in this city of poets and dreamers.  Perhaps I found my La Mancha, wandering Rue Marazin’s curvy alleyways past Voltaire’s smiling marble visage. 

If only my words did glow could I describe the beauty of the day’s fading golden light across Paris from the banks of the Seine.  Even if my words burned resplendent across the white page, my words would fail to describe the brilliance of the sun’s fading golden light across the city.  Lighting the figurines standing guard outside the belle Louvre.  Highlighting the tri-color waving in the evening’s wind.

A subtle sliver of the crescent moon, rising softly above the darkening night sky.  The soft sounds of Frances carrying on the night’s breeze.

For years I have been searching for alephs- that ephemeral point between eternity and infinity.  I found one in the gentle crashing waves on the midnight beach of Natal (The City of Birth) but only recognized it now in the gentle roll of the Seine as waves gently crash into the river's walled banks in the post-Amber glow on the waves.

A tri-color flag on the tip of the Grand Palais, lit by the sun's fade.  A sight that no one else seemed to take notice. 

Le Tour Eiffel as my beacon home. 

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