Saturday, July 13, 2013

Asians eat weird things...

And I have tried most of those featured in this video:

Gastrodiplomacy?  Perhaps, because it sure made me salivate at the durian.  Ballot, however, is one thing mentioned that I retched at.  Thank god for Red Horse ("Dirty Wine"), the Filipino that helped me keep that baby ducky down.

Speaking of the Philippines, I am slowly meeting my neighbors.  An African fellow who speaks Italian invited me over to eat "African" food for dinner.  There are some Vietnamese who I shocked by saying kum gwa zee, no problem.  And some Filipinos I met tonight.  They couldn't believe all the places I had been in the Philippines, and smiled so wide when I started talking about the food I loved.  Walang problema, I said as I opened the door; the ladies laughed so hard they almost dropped their groceries.

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