Friday, July 05, 2013

A few random thoughts on Paris

-I’m finding the French to be surprisingly accommodating to my spances. Granted it is not as intelligible as my portoñol, but we are finding ways to communicate.  It also helps that I lead with my latinish language and not with English. Maybe I can claim I am a Catalan?

The French and I also communicate very well in hand-signs.  They are very expressive with hand and mouth gestures, and we seem to speak sign language together well.

Really what is helping me out the most in Paris is my Arabic.  Mahshallah! I can communicate a lot better in Arabe than my feeble attempts at French.  And I started some Chinese tourists last night, who were floored at my Mandarin.  I offered to help them take a picture, and they were so shocked at my Mandarin that they forget about getting their picture taken, and wanted pics with moi.

Meanwhile, although I was never one of those travelers who hid behind a Maple Leaf and said I was Canadian, I will admit to using my ethnic ambiguity and cunning linguistics to give off initial impressions of being perhaps something latin-ish in countries that use Latin languages.

-The French are f’ing sexy. I am realizing what a shlump I am. I need to find a French girlfriend (or French mother, ma mère- you failed on this one) to properly dress me and give me un petit style.

-Paris is perhaps the most beautiful city I have visited. While Prague has more fairytale charm, and Istanbul is more exotic, Paris is on a grander level more beautiful and engaging.

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