Friday, July 19, 2013

7 Years from Tibet

I was sitting on the banks of the Seine last night for a picnic with a friend Lorena from USC.  She had been in the MPD class ahead of me.  She works at the OECD, doing comm work.  I live next to the OECD. When I found out she worked there, I told her we were neighbors.  We made plans to meet last night for a picnic, but yesterday as I was doing my laundry, we bumped into each other on the street- told you we are neighbors.

Anyway, we met after her work day to head down for a picnic on the Seine.  There is a bank area that I have spent a lot of time sitting at.  I didn't realize that it was a new section until my friend David told me that it had just opened 3 weeks ago- literally just before I got here.

We were sitting on the bank, diving into the cheese and wine, and a girl across from me named Rachel looked really familiar.  I figured it was just Jewish geography, but then she looked at me and said: Tibet!

Rachel and I had traveled in Tibet together, when I was on my trek from Beijing to Cairon 2006-7!  She and her friend Inushka had been the ones who convinced me to join them to go to Everest Base Camp!  They did so with the best psychological tactic ever- I was dithering, and Inushka said: "don't worry about it, next time you are in Tibet you can go to Mt. Everest." Sold, I was in.  That plus a lil sisterly advice.  So I joined in for the caravan to Mt. Everest base camp, and it was a stunning trip. 

I never expected to see Rachel again, but there we were catching up in Paris.  She had married a French man, and they were heading to NY so she could begin law school.  It was nice to catch up, and dredge a whole slew of memories from the deep recesses of my mind.  She reminded me of things I forgot about; I reminded her of conversations we had, of which I can't believe I remembered (or that she remembered too).  Something about the altitude must have had a crystallizing effect on my memories.

The road is long, but the world is small.

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