Sunday, June 02, 2013

What the World Costs- Holland

I realized I never posted this one:

priceless: all the things in Amsterdam with a price.
.40 euro (54cents): a squirt of satay peanut sauce or a squirt of curry ketchup
1eu ($1.33): a side of chili sauce
2eu ($2.66): live sex peep show (said the neon sign); espresso
2.25eu ($2.99): kaffie verkeerd (café latte)
2.40eu ($3.21): small extra cold Heineken at Holland Casino
2.80 eu ($3.72): small Heineken; pickled herring sandwich; a ride on the tram
2.90 eu ($3.86): small frittes with curry ketchup & peanut sauce
3 eu ($4): glass of gluwein (hot spiced wine)
3.90eu ($5.22): train from Amsterdam to Schipol Airport
4eu ($5.35) pint of beer at a bar in the red light district
5eu ($6.69) entrance to Holland Casino (I was not pleased with an entrance fee at a casino)
7.40eu ($9.90): apple pancakes
7.50eu ($9.98): student entrance to Maritime Museum
10 eu ($13.30): entrance to Konnijks Palace; entrance to Medag Panorama in The Hague
10.60eu: Train from Amsterdam to The Hague
13.70eu ($18.22): 40 min train from Utrecht to Eindhoven
15 eu ($19.95): entrance to Van Gogh Museum at Hermitage; entrance to the rijksmuseum
18 eu ($23.94): hostel in Utrecht
18.40EU ($24.47) 1.5hr train from Eindhoven to Amsterdam
19 eu ($25.27): bife de lomo and fries at an Argentine steak house
40 eu ($53.20): single room w/o shower in Amsterdam
50 eu ($66.50): single room w/ shower in Amsterdam
54eu ($72.24): off peak hotel rate at the Quinten Hotel
66.50eu ($88.96): weekend hotel rate at the Quinten Hotel

654.16eu ($884): RT flight to Amsterdam including 10 percent discount

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