Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tilting at Stinky Cheese

T-minus 2 days until I depart to Gaul, with the galling gauntlet I am throwing down: to find the stinkiest French cheese imaginable.

As readers of this fair blog may recall, while in Taipei, Don Pablo Quijote was on a quest to find the stinkiest of the stinky tofu, and did battle with some pretty putrid stuff. 

I am planning on taking it to the next level with search to find the stinkiest French cheese in chez Paris.  I can remember from my last stint in La Ville-Lumière (et Fromage) passing by a cheese shop and being bowled over by the winds of fromage funk escaping from the little fromagerie like a wave of biological warfare.

So, I am off on a gastrodiplomacy mission to find the most potent piece of cheese imaginable.  Wish me luck.

Meanwhile, the fromagistas in États-Unis were dealt a recent blow by FDA bureaucrats, who banned Mimolette on the grounds that mites might inhabit the cheese delight. Sacre bleu! Stupid FDA bureaucrats, do you honestly think that cheese lovers of such magnitude as to pay $20 per pound of Mimolette care about the possibility of mites? Allez boire des égouts de Montmartre!

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