Monday, May 20, 2013

é um pequeno mundo depois de tudo

I went out in Copacabana, searching for ghosts and memories.  Those I did not find.  What I found after a long stroll was a cafe and yakisobi stand.  Not in the mood for Brazilian food, I stopped in.

As mentioned, Brazil has a large Japanese population but the girl behind the counter wasn't.  The Chinese girl behind the counter smiled when I chatted her up in Mandarin. 

I ordered Lo Mien disguised as Yakisoba and chatted with Luciana as her adopted name stood.  She liked Brazil and had lived in Rio for 3 years.  The food came and she laughed when I asked: ne yao bu yao kweitza? Do you have any chopsticks?


mas é muito mais difícil sem palitos chinos.

It is harder without chopsticks.

She agreed and brought a pijou (beer).

I wrapped up my leftovers to leave at the feet of a sleeping, hungry city and she bade me xie chien- bye bye.

The world is small, and I am working to make it smaller.

The story ends with one untruth from one unreliable narrator.  I did find one ghost and one memory.  Walking back, I found the bar where I found Alé.  She stroked my beard, and sang to me in Portuguese while she told me how beautiful I was.  Some ghosts and memories are too wonderful to stay buried.

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