Saturday, May 25, 2013

Brazilian Rest Stop Luv

On the road between the River of January and Saint Paul, just finished lunch at a rest stop.  I am marveling at how good those meals can be.  It is never fast food, but rather real food that can be had pretty fast.  The Brazilian rest stop is generally a buffet that features fresh salads.  Often bowls of tomatoes, beets, quail eggs, potato salad, lettuce and spinach.  Meanwhile, there is hot food such as rice, fejoida (black bean stew), fried chicken filets and grilled meats.  I have been to rest stops that had full churrascarias (barbecuing meat on a metal spike).  For those who want something a little lighter, there are usually choices of salgados (empandas, coxinha, etc).  There are usually fresh fruits that can be bought.  And beer.  

It is never McDonalds or Burger King, but real, delicious food.  And because it is real food, I generally spend more money at these stops.  I never buy anything at the rest stops in America because it is generally gross and unappealingly greasy fare.  Maybe you spend $6-7 on some cardiac combo meal.  Meanwhile, here I generally drop $12-$15 on a real meal, because it is worth it.

Some smart Brazilian gastrodiplomacy investment might be to support some of the bigger companies that run these outlets to open up similar versions in America.

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