Tuesday, April 02, 2013

il Duce de San Francisco

Something about San Francisco brings out my fascist tendencies.  To my pinko friend Jocelyn, who recognized my brown shirt leanings, this should probably come as no surprise.  But San Fran really brings out the urge to round up every homeless person and other derelict lounging on the street.  I would then conduct a power-washing, de-lousing and burning of their ratty clothes.  Then a proper re-clothing, dry-out in the drunk tank and put through some serious addiction and mental health counseling (probably the root cause of much of the blight).  All the while, a proper hose-down of the piss-filled streets, and a planting of petunias.  And the BART would run on time.

PS: Portlandia, Seattle and Lost Angeles, you're next...

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