Saturday, April 27, 2013


Keola and company enjoyed the traditional Saturday feijoada at the popular Armazem do Erreira. Feijoada is black bean stew- cooked with different cuts of meat and stewed onions in bubbling black cauldrons,  It was originally food of the Brazilian slaves, made from their main staple food of black beans and cuts of meat leftover from the plantation masters' kitchen.

Now it is widely enjoyed as typical Brazilian fare, and is eaten over rice with shredded cooked kale, oranges, fried banana chunks and farafa (madioc crumbs).

There was a particular cauldron of black bean soup that is traditionally  poured into a cup with a lil extra spicy sauce added on top.  I poured so much spicy sauce in, a worried waitress came to tell our embassy host Karla to warn her that an American had taken too much spicy sauce.  Karla asked which person it was, and when the waitress pointed to me, she just laughed and said I would be okay. I was, I don't think the spicy sauce even particularly registered.

Dessert entailed pudin de leite (condensed milk flan) and sugar syrup-cured figs (Abba, you would have loved both). The sultry sounds of samba filled the sultry afternoon air. Muito Bom!

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