Friday, March 22, 2013

Death and taxes

About a week or so back, I was informed that my tax accountant had gone mia.  This had been the last bastion of parental financial support- they let me be a remora in their tax slipstream.  But I was informed that they were getting a new accountant, and I was on my own.

So I went down to Staples and bought a copy of TurboTax.  It sat in its box through a busy week, until the following sunday when I finally had a chance to install it.  I opened the security seal and opened the box, only to find it empty!  And I had long since tossed the receipt.

I quickly drove back over to Staples.  I walked up to the clerk, and told him that I had purchased the box a week prior, and it was empty.  I explained that I had no receipt, given the time that had passed.  Then I looked him dead in the eye and said: "they say there are two certainties in life, death and taxes; my word could be added to that list, I promise that my story is true."

He smiled, and reached under the counter to give me a new package.  This time I checked the contents to make sure the TurboTax cd was inside.

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John Brown said...

PR PD in action ...