Friday, February 22, 2013

The Mezuzah

There is a mezuzah on the door to my room in my Brooklyn apartment.  Crown Heights, so that is not unusual.  What is unusual is that it is painted over in white.

As if someone neglected to remove it when leaving.  I'm curious of the thoughts of the painter as the layer of white was applied.

It is like a white cocooned protrudence on a narrow white strip.   I tap on its white shell to see if anything will hatch. Maybe a prayer of butterflies will hatch (maybe in my dreams it is so).

I found no other mezuzah in the apartment.  I checked the doors and frames, and there is no other.

It's the little things like this that animate my curiosities, and makes me wonder who once resided in these marked walls, this abode.

It is always nice to be blessed by what others left.



Omar said...

U know Paul? I didn't know what a Mezuzah was. I searched and I really liked it. I wonder who was there too! It's nice to still be blessed by what others left.


Paul Rockower said...

"It is always nice to be blessed by what others left."