Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Apparently Netanyahu said that the North Korean nuclear test shows that "sanctions alone will not stop" Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.  Truly comparing chocolate and vanilla, Bibi.  Bibi is in a bit of a popsicle over his pistachio proclivities.  Maybe you could just drop a rocky road bomb on Natanz.

Meanwhile, it appears that Bibi just had two scoops of Tzipi.  Great, Tzipi, you couldn't form a unity government with Bibi when you were strong because of ideological differences over the peace process.  That all turns to sprinkles when you are weak.  Peace negotiator for the Bibi government? Fig leaf ice cream, anyone?

And then there is the fudge with Hagel and the Israel lobby.  That has been a snowball effort without compare.  I  peanutbrittle bristle at these so-called Israel supporters standing up for it against Hagel.  Hagel is not anti-Israel in the slightest; he is also not obsequies to the Israel lobby.   The confirmation hearings and the Republican filibuster of a Republic war hero is a 31 flavor farce.

I think I need a milk shake to cool my ire from the present sundae sham.

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