Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bibi blew it

As always, hubris is man's eternal downfall.  In a move of sheer hubris, Bibi called early elections- thinking that he would cruise and cement his right-wing majority.  He even hooked up with that fascist Avigdoor Lieberman to run a joint ticket.  And then he blew it.  Together, they dropped roughly ten seats from when they were running separately.

I take such pleasure in the nervous facebook posts that the Bibi put out, exhorting his minions out to the polls lest they sleep through the election.  And to think of all the insufferable preening that the Israeli right was doing prior to elections of their permanent majority and the supposed right wing shift.

Bibi is barely returning to the PM's chair, and he is severely weakened.  He seems to have forgotten that he didn't win the last election, and the only reason he was Prime Minister was due to coalition size.  I take a particular pleasure in watching Bibi fall.  He is far too bright and brilliant to be trapped in his shtetl mentality.

I could wax on for a while about the new Shinnui bloc under Lapid II and the Israeli center that Bibi can't quite win, but I have better things to do. 

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