Friday, January 04, 2013

On the wall

So I was wandering around last night, a lil aimless and feeling a lil lonely. My solitude was grating on me as I was trying to figure out what to do for the evening.  I had already wandered up a ways towards Tufts but didn't find much of value.  I was wandering back, and stopped in front of a bar called Orleans.  I was thinking about how much fun my brother had in N'awlins, and that maybe I could get a fried pickle po' boy or something so I stopped in.

I was sitting at the bar for about five minutes, when an old friend from Year Course came up and surprised me.

His name is Jon Snow (Lord Snow of the Wall), and he was with some nice friends visiting from out of town.  Jon is a PhD student at Brandeis, in the IR department.  He is doing some fascinating work in signaling between opponents in times of conflict (slight PD geek out ensued).

He was with his friends Ary and Russel.  Ary is a Korean-American who owns a vintage shop in Athens, Georgia.  She told a very moving story about how she came to have that hyphen because of Obama.  She had lived in the US since she was 1 year old, but had not gotten citizenship.  But at some point, she heard Obama speak.  She was so moved that she said she would apply for citizenship if he ran for president.  He did, and she did, and got to cast her first ballot in the 2008 election.

Her husband  Russel ran a quixotic campaign against Congressman Paul Broun of GA.  Congressman Broun is the tea partyite who called science to be "lies from the pit of hell" and yet remains on the House Science Committee.  Nice work, Tea Party.  Russel decided he couldn't let Broun run unopposed, so he mounted an effort at unseating the buffoon.  It was 2010, so as you can imagine, he failed.

I joined them as they ate oysters and 30cent wings, and I had a really solid portobello burger.  Washed down with a Porter Square Porter that was the epitome of local (brewed nearby, with locally produced chocolate).

We continued on to The Burren, where they were playing lovely live Irish music on fiddle, banjo and bass.  The lively yet melancholy music punctuated our chat in the corner.

I am blogging about all this because I was so utterly amazed by the good Lord (of Light) always grants you what you need.  

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