Sunday, January 06, 2013

North End

After a lovely day at the ICA, I meandered the harbor walk up to the North End for some Italian food.  After some passable fare, I grabbed an immaculate cannoli from the bustling Mike's Pastry.  The chocolate chip cannoli from the legendary shop was as good as remembered.  Soft ricotta filled the semi-crunchy fried dough with chocolate chips on either end and a sprinkle of powdered sugar on top.  Yum.

I walked across the North End with canolli in hand, and found a metal slat with moving quotes about life in the neighborhood among the various ethnic groups that had passed through the North End.  English; Irish; Jewish; and finally Italian.

One quote in particular caught my gastrodiplomacy fancy:
"My parents came from the province of Abruzzi.  They came because my father used to say: 'There is bread and butter to be eaten here.'"
   -Viola Petinelli

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