Monday, January 07, 2013

Great Questions!

From the dear Stacy Ingber
Happy Birthday my friend. A few questions for you:
1. What age do you feel most of the time?
2. If you were to be a female, who would you be?
3. Most divine bit of food (where, what, with whom)?
4. First sight/place that made you feel a sense of home?
Happy and healthy!

GREAT Questions! That is the best compliment I can pay.

1) 25 or 8
2) Emma Goldman
3) hot chocolate at the lunch counters of the mercado in Oaxaca. It was like warm velvet chocolate, with pan de yema to dip in- kinda like a Mexican yellow challah. I spent a rainy afternoon there reading "Stranger in a Strange Land" while taking in all the squat women with long black braids.
4) On a bus, staring into the Judean desert in Israel when I was 16. 

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Abba said...

Did she ask good questions???