Monday, December 31, 2012

The year that was

As usual, I jetset like no other.  I summered in Iraq (120 degrees F) and wintered in Kazakhstan (-15 degrees C). International man of PD mystery.  Usually I write a long rehash of the year, but I am giving the condensed version this Año Nuevo.  It starts like this: with a gun to my head courtesy of the U.S. Marshals.

From there, it runs in three parts:

  • I helped free an innocent man from jail on account of gastrodiplomacy and my appreciation of Indian cheese (paneer).
  • I ran a quadralingual performing arts academy in Iraq, doing everything from kicking in bathroom doors to save trapped kiddies to stopping an international kidnapping.  And I got it on NPR.
  • I led a 5-girl bluegrass bands across Absurdistan over six long and wonderful weeks.

Everything else is just commentary.  Happy New Year!  I can only imagine what the next will bring....

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