Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Keep Talking

My PD friend, colleague and semitic-brother-from-another-mother John Nahas created a new site called JohnnieTalker (

KEEP TALKING. READ... what the Talker is reading, WATCH... what the Talker is watching, and LISTEN... to what the Talker is saying. Opinions on Politics, International Affairs, Society and Culture.  
The Talker is about informing and arguing for or against something, or both.  
John is one of the most astute political minds I know, and he does a wonderful job aggregating and offering adept analysis and perspective.  He has a keen understanding of the American political scene and of global affairs, especially of that Sandbox our Semites share.  I would highly recommend keeping tabs on the page, following it on twitter (@johnnie_talker) or liking it on FB (/jonnietalker).

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