Sunday, December 09, 2012

Good Morning Kyrgyzstan!

We had an early morning for the Dellas to be on an early morning tv show, "Good Morning!"  The girls gals had a fun interplay with the hosts.  At one point, the male host mentioned that since the Dellas were all girls of the feminine variety, and they were going to be collaborating with a 5-girl fenaleKyrgyz folk troupe (and that US Ambassador was female), it seemed that the US-Kyrgyz relationship was in the hands of women.  The female host quickly retorted that it sounded like it was in good hands then.  Everyone had a bit of a chuckle.

We dropped off some laundry and had a little break before heading over to the Bishkek College of Music, to do a class at the American Music Center.  The place was cool, it had all sorts of old American pics of musicians and cds of jazz legends and other American music.

After the girls venusites did a bit of felt shopping, for which Kyrgyz is famous, before we headed over to the American Corner in Bishkek.  I am becoming a huge fan of the American Corners, and I am going to write more about it in depth later.  This one was in the Bishkek library, and was huge.  There were pics on the wall of various American cities and scenes of life.  There were all sorts of book, as well as VHS and DVD movies, audio books, Toefl/GMAT/SAT study guides.  There were even board games, and they let us borrow Apples to Apples!  The Amercan Corner hosts talking clubs, various speaker programs.  The Dellas introduced themselves and where they were from, and had a freewheeling session of music and Q&A about life in America and their music.  I really like the way that the American Corners create space for cultural exchange.

We had another early morning the next morning, for a tv show on Zamana, which was on Kyrgyz National TV.  It was a lil chaotic, to the point that a microphone lady was still on the set when the segment started, and she had to sneak off while the camera was pointed at the host.  But the interview went well, and the Dellas had a good rapport with the host.

After, they had a radio interview on the national Kyrgyz radio, where they played a few songs and talked about bluegrass and their crazy trip.  They also got to do some recordings in the radio center's phenomenal sound studio.  They recorded some for the radio, then did some of their own songs for vid.

We had a it of a free afternoon, I think we went shopping at the giant department store called Tsum, where I got some silks for gifts and a silver chain for my magen david that I had been missing for a while.

They had one last performance at the Maevka House of Culture, a lil out of town.  The show was a lot of fun, much because the PAO Christian helped get all the attendees up and dancing.  'Twas a lot of fun.

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