Thursday, November 29, 2012


Me: Do you have a Bloody Mary?
Bar tenderess: Vhat?
Me: Bloody Mary.
BT: Vhat?
Me: tomato, vodka...
BT: Oh! Blooooody Mari.

PS: And it came bloody. My friend Celia came down as I was getting it, so I ordered a second. The bill came, and the first bloody was expensive but expected. But in the second bloooooody mari,the bar decided to use Beluga vodka, more expensive than Grey Goose. A $20 shot of vodka in the bloody.

I was shocked.

I said I hadn't ordered this. Yes, but we ran out of the local so we used it instead. I protested that they should have said something. They agreed, and offered me a pot of tea. No thanks, can I have a drink instead. Fine, you can have a $10 Heineken. So at 10:30am, I am drinking an overpriced Heineken to make up for an exorbitant blooooody mari. Oh, Absurdistan....

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