Monday, September 03, 2012

Yuppie Yoga

I finally got back to the yoga studio yesterday, but it was a different affair than I am used to.  I went to a studio in Bethesda, and it was very much a yuppie yoga affair.

For starters, it was hot yoga- something I was not expecting.  The room was heated up to 95 degrees, and I was sweating before we even started.

The class itself was more akin to an aerobics class, with quick movement through poses.  I prefer yoga to be more meditative and focused; this was yoga jazzercize.  Through the class, I gushed sweat.  So much so that my fingers pruned- an amazing feat considering I was not in a tub.

While the yoga class did the trick to release the endorphins, it was not a class I would return to.

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