Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Blogiversary

To Daniel Drezner, who celebrated his 10th anniversary as a blogger.  I can still remember asking my friend SRG about what "is a blogger" as I first learned about the term.  She said it was an online site for opinionated people, and I should get one.

My blog has had a few styles over the years.  First that North Koreanesque motif, then a lame harbor.  I like the present style and don't see it changing.  I think my writing has gotten shorter over the years, but that is in part due to the curtness that social media has infused into the blogosphere.

I can't say that it has brought me too much fame or fortune, but it did land me my latest job (blogging about country music in India) so that is at least worth something for all the time spent engaging with you.

And it has often helped me slough off the plague of ideas that sits heavily upon my shoulders, so that counts for a lot.

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