Saturday, August 11, 2012

Welcome to America

Ummm...I have an Iraqi refugee violinist lost in New York.  One of the American Voices Scholarship Students Alan Rasheed (of NPR fame) was on his way to St. Louis to begin his scholarship at Saint Louis University.  He was flying from Iraq through Istanbul via New York to St. Louis.  Except, we got word last night that his flight to St. Louis had been cancelled by the airline, and he was rescheduled for the next day.

Unfortunately, we have had no good way to get in contact with Alan.  He texted my Edu Dir Marc that his flight got cancelled but didn't respond to any further calls or texts.  We had hoped to connect him with me, so he could come crash at my place but have had little luck.  Hopefully, the airline put Alan up at a hotel (inshallah!).   Merhaba Alan, welcome to Amrika!  At least we have a dapper picture of him to put on the milk boxes....

PS: Alan has indeed been found.  Poor fellow couldn't receive any of the texts back, and spent his first night in America staying at the airport.  He has indeed made it to St. Louis and is recovering over a cup of tea.


Omar said...

All lost will be found one day...Inshalla!

P.S: A Iraqi or an Iraqi? and why refugee?

Paul Rockower said...

A refugee only in so far as he was stranded. I embellish a lil, if you hadn't noticed.