Thursday, August 02, 2012

Operation Teddy Bear Drop

In one of the most perfect examples of public diplomacy from the Barnum-Bernays School of PD, comes the Operation Teddy Bear Drop.  Apparently a Swedish advertising firm called Studio Total invaded Belarus airspace and dropped 800 teddy bear bombs upon Minsk.  The bears were complete with signs supporting democracy and criticizing Belarus' antiquated police state.

THIS IS HOW YOU FIGHT AUTHORITARIANISM WITH PUBLIC DIPLOMACY!  You denigrate its authority with acts of irreverence.  You poke it in the eyes with symbols of dissidence.

Apparently, the government tried to cover it up but videos and pics leaked out.  Lukashenko was so mad, he fired two generals for the breach of Belarus airspace!

Public Diplomacy is best when it is lithe and lively.  It has to be fast and prick with indirect assaults on the calcified status quo.  I give Studio Total a full salute for its work, you get an A+ from PD General Rockower.

PS: Taru and Musu shared this amazing tale of a German boy-pilot causing similar havoc on the Soviets when he landed his plane in Red Square.

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