Monday, August 27, 2012

La Mancha on the Hudson

New York cried at the prospect of me leaving, and the heavens opened up on me as I headed out of the sublet.  I got soaked to the bone as I trudged to the subway.  Once on the subway, I decided to get out of my wet clothes and into some drier fatigues.  Given that I had my daypack with me, I merely pulled out dry clothes and a towel and changed on the subway. Case in point of why a towel is always necessary for interstellar travel. Being New York no one even batted an eye at me swapping clothes in the back of the car.

I found my way to the bus, stopping first at a deli for one last New York bagel on my way out: toasted everything with cucumbers, tomatoes and onions.  A cup of hot milky sweet coffee to warm my wet soul.

Thus concludes my first chapter in the Big Apple.  What an opening salvo.  I have truly enjoyed my time exploring gotham city.  I haven't been this happy in America in a while.  My hunch has thus far proved correct: I don't need much, just diversity (both in people and in a culinary fashion), places to explore and public transportation.  And external stimulation.

It has been a really wonderful month that kept my momentum from Iraq going.  This was also the first time since Houston (2003-2006) where I lived alone.  It was actually a refreshing change to have a little solitary space again, after many years of shared space.

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