Friday, August 24, 2012

Don Pablo Quijote Scategorizes

I was out with my friends Dani Disco and Reiss Reality for a night of The Big Lebowski shown in Central Park. I was enjoying The Dude, when nature called.  On my way back from the bathroom, Don Pablo Quijote stumbled upon a damsel in distress.  A girl had lost her way on her own way back from the bathroom.  We chatted as she tried to figure out how to find her friends in a horde of moviegoers.

We sipped water in the closed cafe until the flick ended, then found her friends and her research. I lost my own friends, but knew they would understand.  We headed out to grab a drink with her fellow zoological cohort.  Dr. Puma, Mrs. Puma, Esq and Dr. Turtle to join for a libation.

Turns out that this humble knight errant had met a Romanian princess turned PhD student interested in snow leopards.  The daughter of a Transylvanian Baron, which makes her a Lady.  When Don Pablo Quijote found out this fact, he ceased trying to get her home for the night and dropped to one knee to kiss her hand.   A sad lapse in chivalry, to be sure.  A fun night of scategories at the 75 Dive, and the promise of a night at the museum awaits.  


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perhaps. Or perhaps just tilting at windmills :)