Sunday, August 05, 2012

Cholera: Love in the Time of Social Media

I had changed my OKCupid status from DC to NYC and was beginning to get notes and messages from girls in NYC. For example, message from a girl on OKCupid to moi: "Um you look a little homeless but kinda interesting."

I giggled, replied and posted on facebook the note plus: "Bahaha. Most apt description imaginable. I think I am in love."

At some point I wondered if my wall posts were public...

I went out for the day to Williamsburg (affectionately known as "Hipsterburg") to Smorgasburg. a food fair by the water.  I had to take a circuitous subway route via Manhattan to get to northern Brooklyn, it was kinda bizarre.  I met my friend David Myers, a JASC mate who just graduated and is working in City Hall.  He is down a few desks from Ol' Bloomberg, I was trying to come up with good ways to introduce him to Mr. Mayor.  I got a veggie schnitzel sandwich that was taking forever.  You have to really pound the tofu to get it tender.  Anyway, I talked my way into a san pellegrino soda to quench my thirst while I waited.

With his friend Rebecca, we bounced back up to China Town and got bubble tea at a place that was Taiwanese and authentic.  I busted out my Mandarin for the bubble tea, and got a laugh.

I returned home for an afternoon nap, and found that yes indeed such posts were public.  I My post was going tiny viral, with some 30 likes.  And the girl did see it. "I see I am a big hit on your FB page," she wrote to me.   She laughed about it, flirted a bit and we made plans for Thai on monday.

I went out that evening with ID buddy Jason and his wife Jenn.  They are an adorable couple, who actually met on OKcupid.  We had some double black (black black) and then wandered over to a beautiful pier park overlooking the night lights of Manhattan.  The place was perfect, with an amazing vista of Manhattan's glow.  I had a veggie burger covered with chopped onions, pepper relish and all sorts of gooey goodness.  Washed down with a sixpoints red ale.

We wandered over to get some delicious ice cream to cool off a sweltering evening. Chocolate chocolate chunk melted down the waffle cone and onto my sticky hands.

As the night ended, I came home and the girl was online on OKCupid.  She started IMing me, and we chatted for a bit.  At some point, I was getting tired and wrote "But alas I think I am going to turn in for the night."  Then I wrote "ciao" and signed out to go to bed.

I woke up this morning shocked to find angry notes from said girl that I cut the conversation short and abruptly got off.  Whoa.  When I saw this, I replied that I hadn't meant anything by it, I had been tired and was signing off.

I went to meet my friend Ren and her husband Scott for brunch.  I completely misjudged the route because it seemed to be just behind the park, just across from me.  But I ended up having to walk all the way around the park, and was a bit late.  But the walk was a beauty, through the elegance of Park Slope.  Brunch at  Giovanni's was delicious, a plate of ricotta fritters to start.  Followed by a dish of oven-baked eggs over a sea of tomato sauce, ricotta and polenta.  Bottomless bloody marys.  All told, $16.  Not bad.

Anyway, I found my path back through the park and returned to find more bellicosity from the previous paramour.

"Well maybe you should learn how to end conversations a little bit better instead of just saying CIAO in the middle of a convo. Just saying. You can break the sad news to all of your FB friends that due to your rude behavior our date is off. They will cry, but such is life."

WHOA!  I just laughed, shook my head and nicely replied that it was probably best that our date was indeed off.  Too bizarre.  Thus my love went choleric in the time of social media.  Okcupid to begin a romance, FB to spur it on, and instant messenger for its demise.  I think I will get over it....

Too bad though, cause news of our FB love was getting close to 40 likes.  I am not sure how to break the sad news to my FB peeps, I am sure they will be as crushed as moi....

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