Saturday, August 11, 2012


I went to pay my respects at a Sikh temple.  Sadly, the directions I had did not take me to where I wanted to go.  So it goes.  These were my thoughts along the way of why I was making the journey.

Because I have been to your holy golden temple in Amritsar.

Because I had one of my most unforgettable meals amid your marble splendor.  I sat in cross-legged silence, eating lentils and drinking chai from silver bowls with thousands of my fellow pilgrims.

Because I know a little of your history, and I know the persecution you have faced.

Because I know a little of my own history, and I know the persecution we have faced.

Because I find the senselessness of it to be heartbreaking.

Because those targeted always deserve it the least.

Because an attack on you is an attack against all of us.


And because this is New York, I got to express such sentiments to the Sikh taxi driver.  He was as appreciative as any priest.

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