Thursday, August 02, 2012

I heart NY

And why do I hold such fond affections for said city?  In short, because it is a gastrodiplomacy dream.  Because it is the only place I know of where in the span of two days I can have Jamaican veggie pattys slathered in lip-numbing red sauce and ginger beer for a snack, bubble tea and Chinese noodle soup with sour vegetables for dinner.  With egg salad deli for lunch and masala dosa and paan  for dinner the following day.  I made friends with the paan wallah, and he gave me the chaw for free.  He laughed when I told him I was going to spit red on the streets of New York.  He told me to get a cup.

In the meantime, I got a Chinese foot massage and had to do one sewer rat dance.

And I am finding New York to be surprisingly cheap.  Cheaper than DC in a lot of ways.  More competition makes for better deals.  Like a cup of coffee or a slice of pizza for a buck.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't take the hipsters and the richters. I'm convinced the cost of living is lower in Guadalajara area. All I hear is one big brag from NYers accompanied by a big hollar put down for the rest of US and even other places.

Paul Rockower said...

Yes, I am sure it will wear thin on me after a while. I am still in honeymoon phase, but agree that New Yorkers can be utterly insufferable. I used to laugh at them for their provincial myopia at their attitudes that no place exists but THE CITY.