Thursday, July 26, 2012

What the World Costs- Kurdistan

250 dinar (20cents): cup of sweet black tea; bottle of water; public bus in Suli
500 dinar (40cents): bottle of carrot-orange juice; piece of baklava
750 dinar (60cents): falafel in Erbil
1,000 dinar (80cents): shwarma in a triangle pita; kebab on the street; 500ml can of Tuborg beer
1,500 dinar ($1.20): street kebab in Erbil
2,000 dinar ($1.60): large fresh-squeezed orange and grapefruit juice; 15 minute cab ride in Duhok
3,000 dinar ($2.40): 15 minute taxi in Erbil; 330ml bottle of arak; 250ml bottle of Johnny Walker Bl Label
5,000 dinar ($4): 500 ml beer at Sun Palace restaurant; headphones
6,000 dinar ($5.20): stupidity tax for round trip taxi from Univ of Duhok to hotel for a forgotten office key
6,750 dinar ($5.40): two-piece chicken dinner at Texas Chicken
8,000 dinar ($6.40): veggie pizza at King Foods; shave and a haircut
9,000 dinar: ($7.20): Turkish veggie pide in Ein Kawa
12,500 dinar ($10): laundry at the Hallal Hotel
15,000 dinar ($12): stupidity tax for taxi delivery of  my Kurdistan ID card from Suli to Erbil
20,000 dinar ($16): 1 kilo of baklava for the pesh mergas guarding our convoy to Kirkuk
22,000 dinar ($17.60): a kilo of fish, charcoal broiled at "The Fish Restaurant"
40,000 dinar ($32): nice shoes in the bazaar
55,000 dinar ($44): dinner for 4 at the Sultan Restaurant in Erbil
64,000 dinar ($51.20): 1 night stay at Mondeal Hotel in Erbil w/ breakfast included
75,000 dinar: ($60) 1 night stay at Alborz Hotel in Suli w/ breakfast included
87,500 dinar ($70) 1 night stay at Hakar Hotel w/ breakfast included
159,900 dinar ($130): 1 night suite at Amenuel Hotel as per my commitment to media and public diplomacy
28,000,000 dinar ($22,400): bag money from the ministry

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