Sunday, July 22, 2012

Things noticed cont.

-I know the Kurds are not Arabs because they have the absolute worst falafel in the entire Middle East.  Their version of falafel are these small yellow-green fritters that are pinched in the center.  It tastes more like corn bread fritter than smash chickpea fry.  The only redeeming factor is the amba that is served with it: a tangy sour mango sauce with pickled veggies floating inside.  I might as well just dip the triangle pita into the bowl of amba, it would just about suffice.  Also, the hummus in K-stan is atrocious, although they make up for it with other various Kurdish takes on Middle Eastern salads (See under: Russian Salad)

-For some odd reason, Kurds eat soup with practically every meal.  Definitely for breakfast, some version of lentil soup is offered.  Because exactly what I need before braving 120 degree heat is a warm bowl of lentil chowder.  Koreans also like soup in the summer, they think the sweat cools you down.  And Japanese love miso for breakfast, something I came to love when I was a pd samurai there.  I have yet to get a good answer for why Kurdish Campbell's is the thing here.

-The Obama

Iraqis have a Chrysler 300 driven rental car that they call the an "Obama."  The first time I someone asked if I wanted to rent an Obama for a trip, I just looked befuddled.

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