Monday, July 30, 2012

The Dark Knight

I went to see the latest Batman last night at Tysons Corner mall.  Truth be told, the mall scares me far more than Iraq.  But I am working on learning on how to stop worrying and love the mall, if only because it is one of the places in America where American diversity is on full display.

Anywho, I saw the flick with my friend Matt Wallin.  He is a pd colleague from USC who is laying the foundations for solid public diplomacy work at the American Security Project.  It was nice to catch up on the  pd work he has been doing over the summer, and how he is learning the DC ropes.

As for the caped crusader, I enjoyed it.  The movie was entertaining, although there were some parts that droned a bit.  I liked the notion that you can't change who you are, nor can you hide from it, be it Batman, Bruce Wayne or Cat Woman.

Speaking of Cat Woman, Anne Hathway was fantastic.  She might have been the first female character in the Christian Bale-riff of Batman to have any gravitas.  Hathway was hottt as Cat Woman, and she played Selina Kyle was some real bravado.

I liked the Bane character, but he grew old.  There was not enough depth behind the wannabe-Darth Vader without a helmet.  He was tough and creepy, but the creepiness wore off a bit with the unintelligible, high-pitched voice he had.  As opposed to the affective Joker, Bane was a little one-dimensional. But still a decent bad guy.

And I loved the public diplomacy side of Batman.  The constant reoccurring theme of symbols, and how to communicate ideas to the people, and give them something to believe in, be it hope or fear.  The underlying pd narrative of Batman relates to the communication of emotions, and which visceral emotions will rule Gotham.  I also liked the interplay on building heroes upon the backs of lies.  If the foundations are shaky, can the edifice really stand?

 On the whole, I would give the movie a a solid A-.  It was solid, enjoyable and entertaining with some real fun characters to watch.  It did enough to keep me entertained for nearly 3 hours, but not enough for perfect marks.  As I mentioned, parts droned a bit.  I won't spoil any of it, but it did have a lil too much kitsch. That's okay, it was still time well spent.  

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