Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I feel like the creative cap is on snug.  The prospect of potential of my stay in the heights that bear such names has me giddy.

I need a good answer to why I am living here.  Here goes: to find myself as  a hip hop artists.  No joke.  Who knew me in my teen years would recognize such proclamations.  And I have already been invited to a cipher.  My first New York cipher courtesy of the hip hop ambassador Toni Blackman.

I need to start toning my free style skills.  Since I am in training, I will start this homework exercise with some Crooklyn love.

We be doing it up Crooklyn style What does it take to get you wild My mentality is getting iller, killer Instinct that's trying to infiltrate, but wait I know you wanna enter But I can't let you in My mind state's the maddest I'm gone with the wind Because it is survival of the fittest When the shit hits the fan I got my shank in my hand Black man with the permanent tan I come from the 'ville And never ran, damn.

Ok, enough Crooklyn love for the moment.

I am about to have a massive idea dump.   Utterly massive.  It is time to start getting it all out.  Time to start finishing what I have started.

New York is a land of opportunity.  In New York, anything is possible.  And I plan to troll through the very bowels of this fair city.

In search of Kerouac's ghosts.
And Ginsberg's haunts.
Burroughs Buroughs.
Off on the Beatnik trail.

For now, just prospects and potential.  And pondering New York's pd crown.

For now, the best I can offer is not from me: How to slowly kill yourself and others in America.  Brilliant.

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