Monday, July 02, 2012


This morning, we arrived at 8am to the cafeteria for breakfast, and there was nary a kid to be found.  I walked over to the dorms to find all the errant students.  I started banging on doors and found that most of the students were still sleeping.  As I was banging on doors, I stumbled on a set of pots and pans.  I then proceeded to walk up and down the halls banging and clanging as loud as I could.

I literally had the whole building up.  The building manager and security guards came running to see what the din was.  They saw me, and that I was waking up the kids and they just laughed.

I then went up and down the halls and floors, terrorizing the oversleeping kids.  I tapped my inner Tim Wilson, and called out: "All up! Lineup! Second Bell!  YALLA!"  As you could imagine, I had a huge grin on my mug.  I will see about translating the morning prayer into Arabic and Kurdish.

Tomorrow, I am going to bang out "Daddada-daddadda-daddadadada" like my Dad used to do to me to wake me up.

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Abba said...

That's "Reveille"