Thursday, July 05, 2012

Night watch

I pulled night watch at the dorms tonight. Ah, the shabab are the same the world over. I think I learned every Kurdish curse in the book. In smoke-filled dorm rooms, I was treated to salty sunflower seeds and mournful Kurdish folk songs that left me moved. Violins echoed through the dank halls. The moon loomed large and full over a peaceful night.  I haven't done a very good job of getting the kiddies to bed early, or silencing the music at a reasonable hour but I don't think there is a nightwatchman in the world as lucky as me. 


Abba said...

Make them hold boots in an "Iron Cross" in the outhouse! That's what I had to do!

Gray Falcon said...

And do you have Fontaine's million lumen flashlight?

Paul Rockower said...

Abba: No "iron crosses" in Dar al-Islam

Grey Falcon: round these parts something that bright would probably get me shot.