Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Help

Since Kurdistan has become more affluent in recent years with its booming economy, that in turn brings guest workers to do the jobs that Kurds no longer want to do.  As such, there are three groups of immigrants that are becoming commonplace in K-stan.  Here you find many Georgians working as janitors, and Filipinos and Bangladeshis working in the lower end service jobs that the Kurds don't want to do (ie, the night shift at hotels, etc).  It is interesting that Kurdistan would turn to foreign workers to do menial tasks given that the rest of the country is not doing as well.

I am reminded of the Israeli use of Thai and Filipino labor to replace Palestinian labor when the security situation got bad.  In short, while their is a big labor pool in Iraq, the Kurds don't really trust other Iraqis and would prefer the safety of foreign guest workers.  Perhaps there are other benefit and wage issues as well.

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