Tuesday, July 03, 2012


A giant orb of a white full moon hanging high over Kurdistan, with the mountains silhouetted in the purple night sky. I am talking about life's composition, the ephemeral nature of aim and panta rhei on the balcony with Patrick. I feel at such peace again- peace that I haven't had since returning to the US (except on the yoga mat or when I am traveling).

I have been thinking a lot about how much happier I am at present.  It stands in stark contrast with my anxiety-filled existence that DC seemed to have wrought.  Now that I am out of that angst bubble, I see what bad shape I was really in.  All of these worries, that weren't really my worries.  In DC, I felt that I was always busy.  I have been incredibly busy these last two weeks, starting at 7:30am and running until 9pm with my head spinning all day, and yet I couldn't be happier or feeling more fulfilled.

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