Thursday, June 21, 2012

What the World Costs-Turkey

.5 lira (27cents): 330 ml bottle of water
1 lira (56cents): cup of fresh squeezed oj
1.5 lira (83 cents): cup of fresh pressed carrot juice; cup of ayran (yogurt milk); piece of chocolate baklava
2.50 lira ($1.39): pair of boxers
3 lira ($1.67): cup of nescafe; 20 min ferry from Eminonunu to Uskudar (from Europe to Asia)
3.85 lira ($2.14): 500ml can of Efes from a corner store
4 lira ($2.22): cup of Turkish coffee
5 lira ($2.78): fish sandwich on the quay; 4 piece variety of baklava
5.5 lira ($3.06): french fry and cheese sandwich
6 lira ($3.33): homemade lunch of sauteed tomato stringbeans, rice, bread and yogurt soup at hostel
7 lira: ($3.89) potato kumpir (baked potato with all the trimmings)
8 lira ($4.44): student ticket to Istanbul Modern
10 lira ($5.56): entrance to the Byzantine Cistern; entrance to Istanbul Archaeological Museum
11 lira: ($6.12) efes dark at Aenoman Galata terrace restaurant
12 lira ($6.68): lamb and tomato kebabs at terrace restaurant
15 lira ($7.24): full mezze; melon nargile; leather wallet
34 lira ($18.89): 1 night at the World House Hostel for an 8-person dorm, breakfast included
60 lira ($33.33): hamam with massage
158 lira ($87.78): 1 night for a suite at St. Sofia hotel, breakfast and airport transport included
2,340 lira ($1,300): compensation for being involuntarily bumped

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